Don't Just Cover Your Ride, Enclose It!

The TES Cover is one of the most unique covers on the market today.

After 2 years of continual improvement and testing done mostly in the UK, We are proud to announce the release of our newest TES Cover model

The TES Cover "Ultra"


What Makes The TES Cover The "Ultimate Cover"

The Totally Enclosed Feature is just part of what makes the TES Cover such a great value. Wait until you "feel the difference." Utilizing a selection of higher grade materials, coatings and processes we have created a noticeably thicker & tougher cover that impresses any enthusiast that has dealt with replacing old worn out or even new covers that just didn't get the job done. The TES Cover provides total protection from above and below "without poles, electricity or assembly" of any kind. When you have a TES Cover on your ride, you will have the confidence that you are providing the industries best protection available.

While many manufactures claim a waterproof and/or soft paint friendly cover, the TES Cover provides the enthusiast with the richest and most durable cover available. Our purpose for using such heavy materials, PVC coatings and thicker cotton interiors was to provide a tougher sandwich of components that is not only weather resistance but also provides an increased level of protection against physical damage.

The inside layer of The TES Cover that touches the surface of your paint is made from a soft yet durable cotton material. By using commercial grade cotton, we have been able to achieve one of the industries highest heat ratings of 400F. This decreases the wait time after a long ride and also helps prevent disasters that can occur with cheaper materials on warm pipes. We always suggest that you let your bike cool, but knowing you have one of the toughest covers available always helps.

The “PAT. PEND.” design of the TES Cover, being a fully enclosed cover, isolates the water vapor that escapes from the ground and in many cases gets trapped under traditional covers. The TES Cover base combined with the specially designed venting system allows air to exchange inside the cover without allowing dirt or debris to enter.




Compare the “Indoor use” applications:

The Totally Enclosed TES Cover "Indoors"

1. Does not use bands, straps, or a “tight fit” to secure the cover as most traditional covers require.

2. Is much larger and thicker, therefore it acts more like a light moving blanket. It allows the user to simply throw the top portion of the TES Cover over the bike while the cover drapes nicely and close to the ground.

3. “Faster to remove.” If using the TES Cover indoors with only the top lid, it comes off quickly and requires minimal effort to pull off the motorcycle. Simply leave it in your storage area or pack it up and take with you.

4. If you're like most people, there's always something going on in the garage or where you store your ride. When used without the base, the top still touches the ground and provides a better seal. When you're ready to do a "messy project" use the zipper base and seal up your ride, giving it the total protection it deserves.

The Traditional Cover "Indoors"

1. Uses elastic bands or fastening straps and is usually designed to fit snug, which requires delicate installation over mirrors and other sharp objects. The TES Cover literaly throws over and drapes.

2. Most traditional covers are designed specifically for a factory model leaving little room for expansion. (The TES Cover is designed to be loose and when used indoors without the bottom base, the top portion drapes to the floor quickly, allowing it to provide a better seal and fit over crash bars, bags, and extras easily).

3. Traditional covers usually end about 6” or more off the ground exposing the entire underside to debris, dust and dirt that occurs in almost every garage.

Compare the “Outdoor” applications:


The Totally Enclosed TES Cover "outdoors"

1. It's fully enclosed. (Typical covers allow dust, dirt, rodents, debris, water, etc. under cover while in use).

2. Waterproof from above and below. Rain, snow, and other weather elements are prevented from splashing on your wheels, brakes and lower parts that would normally be exposed when using a traditional cover.

3. The filtered vents provide an exchange of air while filtering out dirt and debris.

4. "Durability and longevity." Until you feel the TES Cover, you won't be able to appreciate the level of padded protection you gain with our choice of thick coatings. While being a rather costly choice of fabrics, it was to assure the quality of our TES Cover, exceed your prior covers performance.

5. Theft Resistance is another great feature of the TES Cover. Locking zippers and completely hidden wheels provide an added level of comfort against tampering.

6. No straps or bungees sewn into the edge. Simply throw it over and it drapes down to the zipper. Wind, weather and unknown elements are not pulling on cords or blowing off your cover. The total perimeter being fastened with a zipper, ensures you won't find your cover in your neighbors yard after a storm.

The Traditional Cover "Outdoors"

1. Traditional covers rely on a snug fit, fasteners and or some sort of elastic band to hold itself in place. However, it usually makes it more difficult to install, especially if you have added any additional accessories to your bike such as crash bars, rear bags, side bags, etc.

2. If your cover is waterproof, it is waterproof from the bottom of the cover up. The open bottom insures that the lower motor parts, wheels and other features are fully exposed to the weather. This of course increases wear,corrosion and cleaning time that cuts into your ridding time. 

3. Dust, dirt, mud, pests, and rodents have complete access to your ride from underneath when using a traditional cover. Mice or rats like to make homes on vehicles stored under open bottom covers.

4. Does not hide the model of your bike or potentially high value accessories from prying eyes, in which some cases, could lead to theft.


Give your Ride the protection it deserves



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