Total Enclosure System and how it works.
Its simple and fast
  • Layout the TES Cover base in an area large enough to drive your motorcycle or vehicle on the cover.
  • Insure that your bike has had time to cool. DO Not attempt to cover "Hot Pipes", Pipes must be below 300 degrees and not lay directly on the cover. If you bike does not have heat shields on exhaust, you must allow longer cool down times.
  • To prevent Zipper damage, insure that it is "Unzipped" all the way to front.
  • Never allow the top lid to pull directly against the "Zipper Pull" this will cause damage that IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY! 
Its important if covering a motorcycle that you drive on just to the right of the center line to allow enough room for your kick stand to extend without leaving the bottom base.
Drive your motorcycle on the base of the cover. Then apply the diamond plate rubber matting (provided with the cover) to where your kickstand is aiming to lay on the bottom base. Place provided rubber pad under Kick Stand.
Next you simply pick up the top portion of the cover and lift it up, over the handle bars and windshield if one is present. 
Gather the cover and spread it across the handle bars and mirrors so that it's centered on the bars. The TES Cover comes with specially designed vented pockets for each end of the handle bar. These vents are one of our covers greatest features. These vents allow just enough air in to allow your bike to breathe but with the specialized inner linning we used, it catches the dust particles allowing your ride to completely dust free while inside the cover. 
After you have cleared the handle bars, take the rear of the cover and bring it over any luggage racks, back rests or obstructions that may be on the motorcycle. NOTE: The TES cover allows for about 6"-10" of clearance over the rear of most motorcycles. On the cruiser models we provided enough room for the large rear luggage container that rests behind the rear passenger. If your motorcycle does not have any options or customization , there will be extra room but the cover will still work properly and the cover will lay nicely on the rear seat/fender area. 
Finally go back around front and make one final adjustment to center the entire top portion of the cover so that it is equally centered on the bars. 
Using our heavy duty 10 Gauge "marine grade" Zippers, begin to Zip both sides of the cover starting from the front and ending up at the rear center portion of the bike. 
Zip each side of the TES Cover so that both zippers join at the rear of the cover.
These vents are one of the great key features of the TES Cover. These vents allow your bike to breathe just enough to keep it the same temperature as it is outside the cover but is also venilates the dust particles. This keeps your bike from collecting dust as you see far too often with the normal strechy half covered motorcycle covers. 
Here is a better view of what the holes that allow your bike to breathe look like. These will be covered at all times. 
This is a great rear view of a Harley Davidson soft tail heritage fully enclosed by our TES Cover. At this point your bike is protected from all elements of the weather. 
This is a great side view of the soft tail being fully enclosed. At this point your bike is protected from all weather elements and allows you to be comfortable with knowing your ride is getting industry leading protection. 
The TES Cover does not absorb water. Its built in PVC coatings prevent water from absorbing and getting through. 

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