Warranty Details

The TES Cover fully enclosed motorcycle cover, as well as all versions of our "Total Enclosure System" come with a 1 year guarantee.

Warranty details : The TES Cover is guaranteed against manufacturing defect and zip failure for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Under normal use and following instructions. 

NOTE: Zipper failure due to miss use is NOT COVERED:

  • Do not attempt to pull lid off or over vehicle/bike unless the zipper pull has been "UN Zipped" all the way to the front of cover. 
  • The Zipper is a very heavy grade #10 zipper. It must not endure tire scrapping, turning tires on zipper chain or pull. 
  • If zipper pulls off of one side of cover due to miss use, this is NOT Covered. 
  •  At not time should the lid be so tight when attempting to remove cover that it pulls upward against zipper pull. THIS WILL CAUSE Zipper failure and this is not repairable or covered in warranty. 


It must only be used with a suitable side stand plate (one is supplied) or if using a center stand, a center stand plate that is fit for purpose (not supplied) The stand must sit centrally on the plate when the motorcycle is inside the TES Cover, There should be no sharp edges in contact with the protective plate at any time.

The user must in any event ensure that the cover and base section will not be damaged when used. This product must be used on a hard / smooth, non-abrasive flat surface (concrete or hard stone). Care must be taken to ensure that the weight of the motorcycle will not cause it to sink into the ground on which it is to be sited. If in any doubt, you must not use this product. Contact TES Covers for assistance with any TES Cover or any product purchased from TES Covers. 

Never leave food, bait, or any type of candy or treats inside bike when covered. This may cause rodents or other animals to attempt to chew through the durable polyester shell. We can not warranty against this type of mishap.


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